esquema configuracion mumble EN Mumble server Site to access the server Mumble, for the communication of 15M   What is it? This page is the doorway to a service of “voice chatrooms”, that is, a system through which you can create rooms where people can meet to talk – literally- about any subjects they like.      Why has this service been created? This service has been created with the idea of providing technological support for the debates that have emerged after 15 May 2011.   Who is it for? The main idea is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between people who cannot be physically  at the same place, as well as to facilitate the coordination of work teams through the internet.   First steps In order to use the server, it is necessary to install the software.  The program is designed to work with Windows, Mac¹ and Linux² systems. It even has a version to be run from Android phones.   Download Get into the main page of the website and choose the software according to your operating system.  You can get the version for Android directly in the Android Market.   Installation The installation is very easy in all platforms. Focusing on Windows, we have included a video that shows, step by step, the installation process. Very simple really.   Conection data  The data required to connect to the server is as follows:   §                                 Label:  any name that can describe the server you are going to use. For instance, we could use the label “Mumble”. §                                 Address (host): It is the address of the server in the Internet.It is §                                 Port:  it is a number; you must specifically use this port number:   64738 §                                 Username: it is the equivalent to a nickname, an alias. It is left to be chosen by all, so anyone can write what they want. If you are going to use the same nickname indefinitely, we recommend you register it, to avoid someone else taking it.   Starting off When going in for the first time, an assistant will be activated that will ask you a series of questions with the aim of optimizing the sound quality in terms of the quality of your connection. Generally it is not necessary to touch anything, although we recommend doing two small adjustments: 1.                               Instead of leaving the audio on all the time, reset it in a way that it will make it necessary to press a key in order to be heard at the chat rooms. It is the “cleanest” way of participating in a meeting without having the background noises of your place mixed in with the background noises of the other participants. 2.                               Disable the voice notification system, as it can be a bit “annoying” and also, when we are in the middle of a conversation we end up resending it to all the other meeting participants. Use and enjoyment Once the software has been installed, we will perform the first connection. In the first connection, we will go straight to the main room, a public room where everything we say can be heard by everyone in that room, whether they are people we know or not.   When entering for the first time, you will see that there are a number of rooms already created, ready to be used immediately. All you have to do is to right click with the mouse on the room and click the option “Join the channel”. From this moment on, we will only be able to talk to and hear the people in that room. It is as easy as that. A suggestion: a good team work system is to combine a chat in one of the rooms with a collaborative writing session. If you are interested in this option, you can test it by going into Piratepad, for instance. I’m sure you will like it 🙂 As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so…   Netiquette The rooms are, in the end, the same as the real world. It would not be a bad idea to re-read the always relevant rules of Netiquette and help, in this way, to have a better experience in this platform.   Technical suggestions The best option to use the system is to have a set of earplugs with microphone. This way, the quality of the conversation improves significantly.   About… Mumble is free Sofware so that can all enjoy it.   (1) If you use universal binaries, look in this page. (2)There are mumble clients in all linux distributions. Look in your repositories.

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  18. Esto está muy bien y puede ser una herramienta muy correcta para iniciarse en las comunicaciones en línea.
    Gracias, muchas gracias. Antonio Abad

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  21. Tengo un problema con el mumble, no se a quien preguntar. meto los datos que pone en esta página y luego me pone continuamente :
    [22:30:13] Falló la conexión con el servidor: El equipo remoto ha cerrado la conexión. Volviendo a conectar. ¿ qué puedo hacer? gracias

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